New York for All Act Gains Momentum

New York for All Act Gains Momentum

Bronx, NY USA March 27, 2022. Assemblymember Karines Reyes joins Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at her campaign rally in the Bronx. (Shutterstock)

New York, New York: On April 28, the New York for All Coalition, allies, and immigrant New Yorkers celebrated the passage of a City Council resolution in support of the New York for All Act. The New York for All Act, currently pending in the New York State Legislature, would prohibit local law enforcement and state agencies from conspiring with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

“New York families and communities deserve the safety and reassurance that their government will protect them, and not subject them to cruel abuses and terrorization from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP),” said Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition. “By passing this resolution, the New York City Council makes clear they stand with all immigrant New Yorkers both here in the city and across the state. We thank Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Council Member Shahana Hanif, and the New York City Council for passing Resolution 0112- 2022 in support of the New York for All Act. Now, it’s time for the New York State Legislature to carry on this work and pass S.03076/A.02328, so that immigrant New Yorkers have the chance to live safe and free lives in their homes.”

“Immigrant New Yorkers cannot be made to live in fear of their personal safety or personal information being compromised and used to execute ICE’s agenda of terrorizing immigrant communities, particularly Black and Brown communities,” said Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams. “I’ve witnessed firsthand the dangers of the coordination between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials in an attempted deportation, and it is clear that strong statewide legislation is needed to give immigrant communities protection and peace of mind. While New York City has sanctuary city policies in place, the state must match and enhance these protections to be a true sanctuary state. Passing this resolution is a strong message of support for our city’s immigrant communities and making New York a sanctuary state, and I thank Council Member Hanif and all of the advocates who have gotten us to this point and who I know will continue to push on a state level.”

“Today, the New York City Council proudly says that ICE has no place in our City. With the passage of the New York For All resolution, we formally call on Albany to protect immigrants in our state from the dangerous clutches of ICE,” said Council Member Shahana Hanif. “Too many of our undocumented neighbors who have ended up in police custody have disappeared into the labyrinth of ICE custody. We cannot send more people to languish in detention facilities for years on end. New York must cut off every access point for ICE in our state to ensure immigrants can live a life of dignity, not detention.”

“In passing Resolution 112 in support of the New York for All Act, the New York City Council is recognizing the urgent need to protect immigrant New Yorkers. ICE is often needlessly separating and disrupting families in our communities. In the state legislature, we must respond to the calls of our colleagues and constituents across the state by passing the New York for All Act this year. Let’s take this action to ensure that ICE can’t weaponize local law enforcement, and to enable immigrant New Yorkers to engage with government services without fear,” said State Senator Julia Salazar.

“New York can no longer ask our immigrant neighbors and friends to face the constant threat of deportation and family separation,” said Assemblymember Karines Reyes. “I thank Council Member Hanif and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams for recognizing that every New Yorker across this state deserves the right to pick their kids up from school, go to the doctor’s office, or drive to work without facing ICE’s terrorizing tactics. Now, we need my colleagues in Albany to hear the NYC Council’s call and pass my bill, the New York for All Act.”

“If enacted, the New York for All Act would prioritize and enhance public safety and propel honest relationships between immigrant communities and local government entities,” said Eddie A. Taveras, Political Director, Immigration Campaigns at “Other states and localities have passed similar policies and found great success in ensuring immigrants have freedom of movement without fearing family separation. I commend the New York City Council for having the vision and seeing the critical need for this crucial piece of legislation that encourages immigrants to engage their communities and keeps families safe and together. Now, it’s up to the New York Legislature and Governor Hochul to build the courage to ensure this legislation becomes law. With a stagnating immigrant population, the state’s sustainability depends on their security and contributions.”

“The state legislature must pass the New York for All Act to establish long-overdue protections for immigrants, who are at risk of being separated from their loved ones and funneled toward deportation because of New York’s collusion with ICE. In 2022, it is indefensible that we continue to accept the entanglement of our state and local systems with ICE,” said José Chapa, Senior Policy Associate of the Immigrant Defense Project. “Without the New York for All Act, our immigrant communities will continue to experience racial profiling, harassment and threats that result in irreversible harms. We fight for a New York where everyone can access local resources and engage with public officials without fear. We call on the state legislature to pass Senate Bill 3076/Assembly Bill 2328 this year and would like to thank the New York City Council for taking a stand in passing Resolution 112 in support of the New York for All Act.”

“It is past time for New York to ensure that our state resources are not used to further Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s cruel agenda,” said Drea Herrera, Senior Organizer at the New York Civil Liberties Union. “Washington continues to stall on meaningful action to protect immigrants, so New York must take action to end collusion between our state agencies and the federal immigration authorities who seek to tear our families apart and instill fear in our communities. We must take a stand for all New Yorkers to live freely and thrive, regardless of immigration status. We thank the New York City Council for passing Resolution 0112-2022 in support of the New York for All Act, and call on the state legislature to follow by passing New York for All into law.”

“Too many immigrant New Yorkers and their families live with the fear that simply going about their daily lives and interacting with the government — going to court, speaking to law enforcement, attending school, or visiting a public hospital — could bring ICE agents to their door,” said Karla Ostolaza, Managing Director of the Immigration Practice at The Bronx Defenders. “The New York for All Act would give immigrant New Yorkers peace of mind that they can live their lives without fear that New York State will collaborate with the cruelty of the federal deportation machine. We applaud Public Advocate Williams and Council Member Hanif for their leadership in passing this resolution in support of New York for All and we now call on the State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign the bill immediately.”

“Bold action is needed to address the systemic issues and structural racism pervasive throughout the immigration enforcement, detention, and deportation machinery. All New Yorkers deserve the opportunity to lead full, open lives without worrying that they will be suddenly torn away from their families and homes,” said Annie Chen, director of the Advancing Universal Representation Initiative at the Vera Institute of Justice. “New York can take one crucial step toward a more safe and welcoming state for everyone and keep our communities together by passing and signing the New York for All Act this session. We commend the New York City Council for supporting this bill, and we are calling on our state leaders to ensure that New York has no part in enabling ICE’s cruelty.”

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