Dating the Sagittarius Man

Dating the Sagittarius Man

Carefree and broad-minded, the Sagittarius man wants to savor everything life has to offer. Socially adept and always in search of the next adventure, this man is sure to provide a date full of surprises. The Sagittarius sign from November 22-December 31, is the final fire sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius traits are unlike any other sign of the zodiac; they’re totally unique to this audacious spirit. Represented by the archer (a half-man, half-horse centaur), what makes Sagittarius so unique is its dynamic blend of passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability.

Dating a Sagittarius man is like going to an amusement park with a little kid – after the child has filled up on cotton-candy, chocolate, and three cans of soda! You’ll never know what a date may result in when you go out with this busy gentleman. The Sagittarius gent will think “outside the box” when planning a date, so expect the unexpected and look forward to one whimsical escapade after another.

Dining will entail something beyond the normal restaurant experience. Look to test flavors unfamiliar to your taste buds. Movie night may end up being a trip to the foreign film marathon. Perhaps the impetuous Sagittarius man will have you participating in a nature walk or glass blowing classes. A sky-diving excursion – why not?

The Sagittarius man will be incredibly supportive of his partner’s endeavors and will applaud the successes in her life. Highly social and always active, you’ll never experience a dull moment with a Sagittarius man. This gentleman doesn’t fluster easily and his ability to deal with stressful situations keeps your relationship on solid ground. Beware of arguments. The Sagittarius man may enjoy a lively debate, but he hates to lose.

What a ride the Sagittarius man will take you on when it comes to romance. If he doesn’t already have it on the menu, this impulsive man is unconventional enough to try whatever you may suggest. Exploration of the senses and an enjoyment of new sexual experiences make the Sagittarius man a vibrant lover.

Your Dream
Dating the Sagittarius man is whatever you dream it to be. It can be the reality of live theater performances, or the fantasy of a masquerade ball. The date could be a high-seas adventure, walking in the rain, or sunset strolls. The Sagittarius man is a Genie, the date his bottle, and your dating wish his command.

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