Immigrant Advocates to Adams: Focus on NYC

Immigrant Advocates to Adams: Focus on NYC
By NYIC Press | October 2, 2023

New York, NY—Today, NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that he will embark on a four-day trip to Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, including the Darién Gap, in order to learn about the journeys of asylum seekers to the United States.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition:
“It’s outrageous that Mayor Adams has slashed the budget of nearly every City agency, with plans for additional cuts, while scapegoating immigrants for his own mismanagement of the City’s funds – and now is needlessly spending taxpayer dollars on a pointless international trip. If Mayor Adams really wants to learn more about the arduous journeys of asylum seekers seeking safety, he should spend a little more time speaking with them or organizations on the ground serving them. The list of delays and mismanagement in easing the burden on our shelter system is a long one – and something that this administration should prioritize. Mayor Adams has no authority to affect any international policy changes, making this travel even more ridiculous. You need to be living under a rock to not know how asylum seekers are coming to the United States. We suggest that Mayor Adams focus on his work here in our great city.”


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