Mayor Adams Continues to Endanger People

Mayor Adams Continues to Endanger People

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Last week, New York City restarted shelter 30-day evictions, following the shelter stay settlement in March between the City and Coalition for the Homeless. Young adults, many of whom do not have connections in our city and no footing to help them move forward, are now forced to live in the streets.

That is why advocates, allies, and elected officials joined us in City Hall Park yesterday to let Mayor Adams and the NY City Council know we New Yorkers do NOT stand by these limits and support the right to shelter for all!

We must preserve the Right to Shelter for all New Yorkers by passing the Stop Shelter Evictions Act (Intro 210) in the City Council!

The right to shelter policy has been a lifeline for many vulnerable people for decades. By restricting single adults over 24 years old to 30-day shelter limits, and single adults ages 18-24 to 60-day shelter limits, the Mayor will raise street homelessness, cost the city billions of dollars and open the door to chaos and confusion, all while missing out on the long-term benefits of asylum seekers contributing to New York’s economy.

Instead of offering real solutions that will allow asylum seekers, and all New Yorkers, to build safe and stable lives in their communities, Mayor Adams refuses to tackle the affordability crisis that plagues millions of New Yorkers every day—in fact, under his leadership, we have seen all-time high rents across the city.

Mayor Adams needs to prioritize getting people into permanent housing. By passing the Stop Shelter Evictions Act and expanding CityFHEPS to all New Yorkers regardless of legal status, he will save the city $3 billion dollars a year and get people on the road to stability and self-sufficiency, while relieving pressure on our shelters.

It is time Mayor Adams and our elected leaders step up. Join us in telling Mayor Adams Adams and the NY City Council—New Yorkers support the right to shelter for all and the Stop Shelter Evictions Act!

In Power,

Murad Awawdeh
President and CEO

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