Rudy Giuliani (no, not that one) is fundraising for Eric Adams

Rudy Giuliani (no, not that one) is fundraising for Eric Adams

Rudy Giuliani is hosting a fundraiser for New York City Mayor Eric Adams. But no – it’s not the one you’re thinking of. The former mayor, Rudy W. Giuliani, has a cousin with the same name, Rudy E. Giuliani, who seems to be a fan of the current mayor.

City & State reviewed an invite to the May 17 fundraiser at the Flushing, Queens home of Giuliani and his wife Catherine Giuliani, a partner at lobbying firm RG Group, which has a dozen active clients, mostly in the consulting and technology sectors, including KPMG and Transit Wireless.

The other Rudy is a 67-year-old retired public school principal serving students with special needs in Brooklyn. Like their cousin, both Rudy and Catherine are registered Republicans. Catherine even worked for the other Giuliani during his tenure in City Hall.

Adams, of course, is a Democrat, but the former police officer has been embraced and supported by many Republicans – including, to a point, former Mayor Giulani, who all but endorsed Adams ahead of the 2021 primary. Asked by CBS New York who the best candidate in the Democratic field was, Giuliani said “at least Adams talks about reducing crime … There’s no question that Adams gives us some hope.”

Adams hasn’t been so warm in response. He immediately rejected Giuliani’s support in 2021, and, last year, said his predecessor should be prosecuted for false reporting, after Giuliani claimed somebody patting him on the back was an assault.

Adams has been steadily raising money for his 2025 reelection campaign – reporting $1.3 million as of Jan. 2023 – giving him a huge head start on any candidate who may want to challenge him. Because Adams is taking part in the public matching funds program, the maximum any individual can donate to him is $2,100. But as a city lobbyist, Catherine Giuliani is limited to the lower “doing business” limit of $400. For guests at the fundraiser, however, “the suggested contribution is $1000, but we will accept donations of $500,” Catherine Giuliani wrote in an emailed invitation.

Evan Thies, a political adviser for Adams who served as spokesperson on his 2021 campaign, declined to comment on the Giuliani fundraiser.

Rudy Giuliani, for better or for worse, isn’t the only name in New York politics shared by multiple players. Just ask the two Charles Barrons, or the two Pat Lynchs.

Another Giuliani cousin, Rudy S. Giuliani, reportedly considered running for City Council in 2013. City records show the 39-year-old is currently an administrative housing development specialist at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection

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