Ten Things to Do When Your Romantic Partner Starts Pulling Away

Ten Things to Do When Your Romantic Partner Starts Pulling Away

By Mary Campbell

Do you feel that your romantic partner is less close to you than they once were? Are you anxious to rekindle the connection? Here you can read about why romantic partners pull away and what you can do to remedy the situation.  

Why Your Partner Is Acting Distant 

There are many reasons why romantic partners may pull away from each other. Sometimes, it’s due to external factors such as work or family obligations that take up much of their time and energy. Other times, it could be due to a change in feelings or a lack of emotional connection. It could also be that your romantic partner feels suffocated or overwhelmed by your need for constant attention and affection.  

If you’re concerned about a recent lack of connection with your significant other, try doing some or all of the 10 following things to see if you can overcome the issue you are having together. 

Do Not Panic 

It’s not unusual for couples to experience some distance at times. Their pulling away might have nothing to do with you. Your partner could be acting distant only because they feel stressed due to work commitments.  

Give Them Space 

Sometimes, a little distance can help both of you gain perspective and clarity. You will gain nothing by forcing communication before your partner wants a conversation. Show your partner your patience and allow them to reflect.  

Think About How You Feel 

Do not overthink about what your partner is feeling. Instead, focus on your feelings. Are you feeling neglected or unappreciated? Take some time to figure out what you need from the relationship. 

Do Not Jump to Conclusions 

Do not assume that your partner is pulling away because they no longer love you or due to something you did. Trying to figure out all possibilities and scrutinizing the situation before you know the facts will not benefit your mental health.  

Honest Communication 

If you are feeling hurt or confused, take some time to think things over and give them a little space, then talk to your partner about things in a non-confrontational way. Taking this step is better than overanalyzing the situation and drawing incorrect conclusions.  

Focus on Yourself 

Instead of thinking about the relationship and how things might be going between you, take time to engage in activities you enjoy and pursue your passions. There is more to life than worrying about relationships, so live your life.  

Seek Support 

Lean on your friends or family. Sometimes, talking to someone outside the relationship can help you gain perspective. Do not feel that reaching out to others when troubled makes you burdensome. Talk things through with people you trust when feeling uncertain about your life.  

If you are concerned about how much time you spend thinking about your relationship and its potential to go wrong, consider approaching a therapist for help. Therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can do a lot to help you overcome such issues.  

Force Nothing 

You cannot force someone to have a close relationship with you, so do not attempt to control the situation. If your partner tells you they require space, respect their boundaries and give them time to come back to you. 

Watch Your Health 

Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food. Do not neglect yourself or self-medicate in ways that ultimately damage your physical or mental health. 

Do Not Just Give Up 

Remember that relationships go through ups and downs. Do not give up on your partner or the relationship too quickly. Instead, have an honest conversation about what you need from the relationship. Sometimes, a little distance can bring you closer together in the long run. 

A Happy Future 

In the end, your relationship will work out or it will not. Try to maintain an attitude of abundance. Your current relationship may well end up working out. However, even if the relationship does not work, it will open the door for you to experience something more fruitful with someone else. Not only that, but every failed relationship offers you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your needs so that you can evolve. Either way, understand that you deserve and can obtain a happy future.

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