The Immigrant’s Journal Celebrates 25 Years: Countdown Begins with FREE Immigration Boot Camp

The Immigrant’s Journal Celebrates 25 Years: Countdown Begins with FREE Immigration Boot Camp

Over the years, immigrants have been demonized, especially during President Trump’s administration. Recently, the Texas State Governor, Gregory Abbott, exhibited deplorable behavior by sending many immigrants to New York and other states on buses. Other Republican governors have since joined him. The ongoing inhumane treatment of immigrants has made them desperate for legalization while striving to survive and feed their families. These have exposed them to fraudulent schemes run by criminals who steal from them. In some cases, they are caught and sentenced to prison. District Attorney Alvin Bragg says it is one of the issues his office will be “invested in doing more of in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.”

Immigrants who seek to adjust their immigration status can be at risk of being scammed by companies or individuals who provide unauthorized and fraudulent immigration services. Unscrupulous individuals prey on immigrants knowing they are vulnerable and fear complaining to authorities. The immigrant community is a fragile one. Brian Figeroux of the Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates who has been practicing immigration law for almost 25 years and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA shared the following: “When people come to the office with immigration issues, it’s a painful situation. If they have been taken advantage of and defrauded, they’ve been here for many years, undocumented, and exploited by their employers or fellow people from their own community. So, yes, pain is a common thing.”

The Immigrant’s Journal, founded in 1998, is about to celebrate 25 years of serving the immigrant community. The Journal proudly offers a FREE 5-week Immigration Boot Camp: An Introduction to US Immigration Law to start the celebrations. Over the five weeks, the topics are as follows:

Week 1: A History of US Immigration from 1869 to 2022. Why Congress Cannot Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Lobbying

Week 2: Paths to Legalization for Entries in the US With or Without Inspection

Week 3: Consequences of Criminal Activities and Defenses for Deportation

Week 4: Immigration Fraud: Consequences and Solutions

Week 5: Malpractice or Fraud: Lawyers, Notaries and Form Fillers

There will be special presentations from The Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates (, representatives from the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), Manhattan and Brooklyn District Attorneys’ Offices, and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. The Boot Camp starts on Thursday, September 29 to October 27, on consecutive Thursdays at 6pm. Sessions are via Zoom. Interested persons can register at

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