The Subway Lynching of Jordan Neely

The Subway Lynching of Jordan Neely

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Watching that white former marine choking the life out of Jordan Neely made my blood boil. Hearing that the pigs hadn’t arrested the murderer made it even worse.

If you’re in NYC, join me on Wed, May 10, at 7PM to get into the burning questions this outrage poses. Questions like how long must we continue to endure this kind of shit; what, if anything, can be done to end them once and for all, and more.

And mark May 16 on your calendar. On that day, Andy Zee, the host of the Revcoms’ weekly YouTube show: Revolution Nothing Less, will be speaking at Revolution Books in NYC at 7PM on the New broadsheet: WE ARE THE REVCOMS – We Are Working For A Real Revolution And A Whole New, Emancipating Way To Live!

Hope to see you at Revolution Books,
Carl @Carl_Dix

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