Voters Stand Up for Immigrant Communities and Elect NYIC Action Endorsed Candidates

Voters Stand Up for Immigrant Communities and Elect NYIC Action Endorsed Candidates

By NYIC Action Press | November 8, 2023

New York, NY— Last night, New Yorkers reaffirmed their support for immigrant communities at the ballot box by reelecting our slate of immigrant rights champions, who believe in a New York that works for everyone regardless of legal status.

NYIC Action’s slate of endorsed candidates for New York’s general election emerged victorious. Next year, immigration will be at the forefront of electoral issues, and it is crucial we have champions across all levels of government fighting for legislation that supports immigrant communities and all New Yorkers.

All endorsed candidates have committed to NYIC Action’s Policy Pledge, 2023: A Blueprint for New York State. This political agenda ensures that our vision of an inclusive New York is integrated into their policy platform.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director of NYIC Action, said:
“New York voters have once again emphasized the importance of upholding our legacy as a welcoming city to all when they cast their ballots. The results from last night’s election serve as a reminder that visionary and bold leaders who will not shy away from championing legislation aimed at strengthening protections for immigrants and vulnerable New Yorkers can win at the polls. Once again, we congratulate our endorsed candidates on their reelection and look forward to working with them to ensure that the voices of immigrant New Yorkers are heard.”

NYIC Action-endorsed candidates who won their races include:

Erie County Legislature

  • Howard Johnson, District 1
  • April Baskin, District 2

NYC Council

  • Justin Brannan, District 47
  • Linda Lee, District 23
  • Christopher Marte, District 1
  • Carlina Rivera, District 2
  • Erik Bottcher, District 3
  • Julie Menin, District 5
  • Gale Brewer, District 6
  • Shaun Abreu, District 7
  • Diana Ayala, District 8
  • Carmen De La Rosa, District 10
  • Pierina Sanchez, District 14
  • Althea Stevens, District 16
  • Amanda Farias, District 18
  • Francisco Moya, District 21
  • Tiffany Caban, District 22
  • Shekar Krishnan, District 25
  • Nantasha Williams, District 27
  • Adrienne Adams, District 28
  • Lynn Schulman, District 29
  • Jennifer Gutierrez, District 34
  • Crystal Hudson, District 35
  • Chi Osse, District 36
  • Sandy Nurse, District 37
  • Alexa Aviles, District 38
  • Shahana Hanif, District 39
  • Rita Joseph, District 40
This election cycle, NYIC Action endorsed candidates for New York City Council and Erie County Legislature. These endorsements were made following a careful review of candidates who signed on to NYIC Action’s policy platform pledge, to create healthy communities; end state support for detention, deportation, and mass incarceration; create quality education for all; build immigrant power and guarantee civil rights; and ensure economic justice and good jobs.

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