US Should Stop Deportations to Haiti Because It’s Against American Interests and Values

US Should Stop Deportations to Haiti Because It’s Against American Interests and Values

By America’s Voice

Washington, DC — Yesterday, the United States reinstituted deportations to Haiti, sending dozens of Haitians back to dangerous conditions in the nation via the first deportation flight to the nation since January.

As Guerline Jozef, Co-founder and Executive Director of Haitian Bridge Alliance, the Black Immigrants Bail Fund, and founding member of Cameroon Advocacy Network, stated in response:

“Why is the U.S. exacerbating chaos and cruelty in a country already grappling with a humanitarian and insecurity crisis? This action not only violates U.S. and international law but is also morally reprehensible and represents a flawed foreign policy.

…We urge this administration to cease all deportations considering the deadly conditions that Haitians may face upon their arrival. Deportations to Haiti are a clear example of how the United States continues to contribute to the destabilization of the country.”

The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“President Biden has said the U.S. is a “close and enduring friend” of Haiti. The way to treat our friend during a time of deep crisis and unrest is not to reinstitute deportations. Continuing to do so merely fuels more chaos which is against our national interests and inconsistent with core American values and with standing Biden administration policy.

Let’s be clear, if the United States has correctly determined that granting TPS to Haiti is in our national interest, then we should halt deportations. We stand with our friends in the Haitian American community and others in calling for a moratorium on deportations to Haiti for as long as the deadly crisis persists.”

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